We emphasize on the immaculate provision of services and we allow no compromise when it comes to following company protocol, which guarantees our clients’ satisfaction.

Our service portfolio includes processes optimized to save you valuable time and resources. We are able to deliver parcels all around Bulgaria, as well as offer an exceptionally fast delivery when required. We could also make sure all deliveries are organized within a specific time window which you can specifically require when ordering a service. Large packages are not a problem for our team, and we could also arrange for reverse logistics.

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Courier Cargo Services

We have plenty of experience in the field of courier cargo services. Our team is capable of fast processing and delivery of all kinds of goods, regardless of their size. Heavy and oversized parcels are a challenge we are glad to take on any day!

  • Express: Guaranteed same day delivery
  • Premium Standard: Delivery within 24 hours of the initial order
  • Standard: Delivery within two business days.

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Transportation Services – LTL

One of EXPRESSO’s biggest strengths is the combined and flexible services we offer. LTL and parcel consolidating are on this list. Combining them results in a reasonable alternative to individual packaging of goods.

Our clients are aware of the market dynamics and they are often forced to deliver smaller packages more frequently than usual. We were able to develop the best solution to speed up the whole process and eliminate the risk of additional costs. The service combo we offer leads to a shorter delivery time regardless of the other aspects of the task.

  • Expresso Today: Guaranteed delivery on the same day
  • Expresso Premium Standard: Delivery within 24 hours of submitting the order

Specialized Services and Projects

We understand that our clients need an individual approach related to transportation and logistics. If your business requires unconventional solutions, then you have come to the right place! EXPRESSO is here to exceed your expectations! Our team is capable of designing an individual concept for a number of services, combined in the right way. We work in perfect sync with our clients’ employees in order to create a flawless process. In case you need a tailored service based on your specific needs, you can submit an enquiry.

What Makes EXPRESSO a Reliable Partner?

We are able to provide the full range of delivery, transportation and logistics services. Specific parcels and loads are no match for our expertise. You can take advantage of a pre-scheduled day and time for delivery, and we can also manage specific delivery locations within restricted areas. Our employees are extremely careful when handling delicate packages such as works of art and medical products.

EXPRESSO is a certified tax warehouse operator, meaning that goods under an excise duty regime can be processed by the company’s employees. The tax warehouse is suitable for:
  • Alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Products with high added value or a specific use
  • Medical products and consumables.


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